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Hellmington Post Production Update

First off, I can’t get over how surreal the last few weeks have been. Since Hellmington officially entered the post-production process, each week has been met with new and amazing surprises. And this week was no exception.

On Tuesday we had our incredibly talented lead actor, Nicola Correia-Damude (AKA Sam Woodhouse) in studio to record her V/O for the film. It had been over a full year since Nicola was in character, but as soon as she stepped up to the mic Sam Woodhouse came back in full force. It was insanely humbling to watch such a talented performer step back into character like it was her second skin, hitting every emotional beat with ease. We had goosebumps the entire day as we watched Sam Woodhouse become more fleshed out and come one step closer to being introduced to the world.

There’s still work to be done, and we can’t wait for whatever the process throws at us next. But one thing is for sure; all we can think about is starting our next project… Our next film… our next adventure.

Alex & Jay (co-directors of Hellmington)