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BLP: Hellmington Updates!

A lot has changed in the last 2 years and we are excited to announce that we are pushing hard in Post Production to get Hellmington to the final stages! Alex, Justin and I remember just 2 years ago approaching this idea and taking this amazing opportunity that has changed us for life...from creating the concept, writing, developing, re-writing, re-writing, adjusting, producing, directing, editing and more. 

As we go through all the processes we are more than ecstatic to birth to the world our first feature and see the response we get from our audience!

Not only are we excited about our festival runs (which we will be able to announce in the coming weeks) but we were able to connect again with a true legend and artist Michael Ironside to do some extra finishing touches on scenes from his character Sheriff Rupert Woodhouse.

For all of those who have supported us through this journey we appreciate you more than you know. Cheers to pursuing your passions and hustling to make every moment count.

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