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Coming to an end

When people say "every film that gets made is a miracle" is 100% right. I think anyone trying to venture into the scary world of filmmaking understands this phrase to an extent, knowing how tough it is to wrangle together a group of people to bring your vision to life. I don't think anyone can possibly know how true this statement is until they've done it themselves. After nearly 3 years of working on this film, Hellmington is finally in its final days of post-production.

There's so much to be said about the people who have worked on this project. From pre-production all the way to post, it's been such an insane roller coaster ride. There have been hard times, great times, and a vast journey in between that have taken us by complete surprise. I've learned things about myself, not only as a filmmaker but as a person that stands side by side to other artists in this field, that have just completely blown me away.

At the beginning of this journey, I was just a kid with a passion for storytelling armed with a lifetime of obsessive movie trivia knowledge and the book Making Movies by the great Sidney Lumet. Nothing could've helped prepare me more for this journey than Lumet's bible to filmmakers, as well as many hours sunk into Scorsese's audio commentaries. As Iā€™m sitting in the final days of sound mix writing this blog entry, staring up at a massive screen with what has become our first feature film, I can't help but look to my creative partner Jay Drakulic and think: "Fuck. I can't believe we're here right now." I say this because someone at the beginning of this process said: "This process will break you. And you may not want to make movies ever again."

My response to that after 3 years is: 

Let's go again.