Blind Luck Pictures Ltd.

oldWhat We Do

Wake Up... Run to work... Stay late... Come home... Wake Up...  Sprint to work... Why? We love telling stories.

Blind Luck Pictures is a production company that's main goal is to tell your story the best possible way it can be told. From original feature films to corporate commercials, we do it all. And there's no budget too big or too small, we treat every project with the same care, attention, and passion as we would if it were our own money on the line (which... it is). With our top of the line camera, grip and lighting equipment, we don't shy away from challenges - we embrace them

We’re not the guys and gals to come in on the day and say “Tell us where we are going.”
We are here to help bring your idea to life. From the very first conversations
to the deliverable we send you, we stick with you every step of the way. 


Scripting, Storyboards, Shot lists, Casting calls, Crew, Rentals… you name it. We know how this business works, and more importantly, we know what needs to be done in order for your project to be a success. 

Just know that if you don’t know where to start, we do. 


The big show! This is the process that everyone thinks about, and as important as it is, the prep is what makes this day shine. And we are all about the pre. Our production team excels in high pressure situations and is prepared for any and all possibilities. We have a massive collection of gear, resources, and talented individuals who are dedicated to delivering the best possible product.


Our team of editors thankfully love what they do, which makes our jobs that much more fun. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all of your hard work on an editing screen ready to be crafted by the finger tips of a team of editorial creatives.

With top of the line editing equipment, we take pride in our ability to turn any story into a cinematic journey. From straight video edits to 3D motion graphics, we do it all.